Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our Days in May

Watermelon. YUM!
Here are pictures from the Fathers and Children camp out. I love our ward. It was a great Mother's Day present to have a little time off. Never mind the fact that I accomplished none of the planned sewing and cleaning tasks. I did, however, enjoy lots of time lounging around with my lady friends, sipping smoothies, planning date-night babysitting swaps and having a brunch party with gourmet treats made by Lu!
I have to narrate this picture above. Stephen says it went a little something like this, "Hey Ian, stand in from of the tent for a picture!"
"No, Dad!" Ian loves to run. Even more than that, he loves to be chased! He cracks me up. Speaking of running and chasing, his favorite "hiding spots" that he runs to when being chased or doing naughty things like eating butter straight from the stick are under the dining room table, under the piano, or behind the rocking chair. Sneaky, sneaky!
Brooklyn sportin' the trusty headlamp. Ian is eating who-knows-what.
The "sleeping" arrangements. HA!
Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a pleasant rest!
Thank you Crestline for hosting yet another ward camp out.
Ian loves sticks! They are so handy and versatile. Mostly, they stand in as swords. He carries them with him in either a pant pocket or the ankle band of a sock.
The other day, Ian grabbed a 3-pack of small, colorful rubber-scrapers from the shelf @ Target. I thought to myself, 'Lame impulse buy, but sure! I could use a few of these since my miniature one at home is broken.' Come to find out, Ian thought I was buying him a 3-pack of new swords! When not in his pockets, I'll find them stashed under the piano alongside a play plastic slotted serving spoon, also another "weapon" of choice. I'll save the knife stories for another posts. This kid is ALL BOY!
Here's Brooklyn checking out a fancy dancy telescope at the observatory by the campsite. I should NOT mention this, but in case you think I didn't notice or that I think my children are perfectly well mannered, Ian is digging for gold in the background.

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