Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Easter!

Surprise! I decided to let my supermodel sis. and her daughter DAISY represent this smattering of family photos! My guess is that some of you thought that either you landed on the wrong blog or that I went for a hair, face, and full-body make-over! ;)
You'll find the less glamorous sister (that would be me) with the hubby and kids below. :)

Here I'm trying to procure a smile with a smooch!
Ian with the boys.
My brother and his supermodel wife and stunningly well-coordinated Easter clothes. Check out the bow tie on the little guy. Mom, you rock!

The proud grandparents claim their 7 grandkids under the age of seven.
Sisters Lilly and Daisy. So precious!
The biggest and smallest girl cousins. The only other little girl, Lilly, wasn't too interested in the camera at the moment.
The Badger kids. I think Ian was just bribed to smile for some candy.
Pip, Jeff, and their 2 flowers
The happy egg/basket hunter
Ian buddy with his basket
The big girls with our matching shirts. Thanks Mrs. Easter Bunny!

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ABick said...

hey supermodel cousin!! ;-) what a cute family you have, both you and stephen AND you and your siblings!! i miss you guys! and wow! ian is looking so much like stephen it's crazy!