Sunday, November 1, 2009


This is a Halloween Costume party we went to before the trunk-or-treat. The hostess was so awesome in her planning! She made green jello with gummy worms, and she had apple cider, candy pumpkins, and a few fun crafts for the kids. They made those popcorn hands, ghost suckers, and play-dough stuff. It was really cool. Here's us at the trunk-or-treat with some friends. Our theme was Cinderella, but at the time of the ward trunk-or-treat, Ian's pumpkin costume was missing in action. We found it later, just in time for the the real trick-or-treating.
While I was getting ready for the trunk-or-treat, Brooklyn kept saying, "Is it Halloween yet, Mom?" She must have thought that the moment the party started (Thursday night) it would be Halloween.
Here she is with her friend Rylie, who dressed as a princess riding a unicorn.
Here's Ryan and his dad. Ryan's costume was the real deal! Chaps, fancy big-buckled cowboy belt, boots, and all! It was so cute!
Gabe was a robot! He even had flashing lights! He wins the creativity award!
We even had the characters from Super Mario Bros.! Here's Mario himself! His mom was the princess.
A ghostbuster even made an appearance!
Then there were the blue dinos. Gotta love 'em!
And, last but not least, the WILD THINGS! And Max! We have some fun and creative people in our ward. It was a fun night!

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Scott and Megan said...

So darling! I'm so glad you got pics of everyone... I was so sad to miss it!! It looks like it was awesome!