Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bowling Badgers

The Friday after Christmas, all of the boys went over to the Kelty's house and played some mud football and baseball.  It brought back some great memories of summers growing up where the most difficult thing was deciding, "What am I going to have fun doing today?"  Even Joe and Rob Kelty were there.  It was great!

We then headed over to the bowling alley where my parents had once again rented out for a few hours.  Desirae stayed home with Ian and took a much needed nap while Brooklyn and I had a blast.  I bowled on the same lane as my Dad.  I didn't realize how good of a bowler my Dad is?!  I found out that he used to bowl every Saturday on one of the bases that he grew up on.  Who knew?  I don't remember exactly what I bowled...I believe it was around 180, but the more important thing is I had the highest score of the day....and yes, we're all competitive.  Brooklyn also had a great time with some of her younger cousins bowling with the bumpers on.  Thanks, Rebecca for helping all of the little ones with their first bowling experience.


Jess~ca said...

I was so impressed with dad's skills too! I think I need to work on my bowling skills, I probably belonged on the lane with the bumpers!!!! Oh well :) I still had fun.

I See Badgers said...

I was close! that was pretty fun.

evelyn said...

Some of my past is finally being made evident by our family getting together. It was a lot of fun for me to bowl with my children and have a great time watching my grandchildren attempt the game. DAD