Sunday, October 14, 2012

More Catching Up!

 There was a time when I averaged about a 2 week lag between events and posts about those events...Now I think it's about 2 months or so...woopsie!

Congratulations on graduating, Rosalia!  We are glad Stephen could attend on behalf of our family!  Look how proud both Stephen and Nelson look!
 We got to stay at Hotel Haddock for a few days this summer in Utah!  Thanks, King of the household for letting us invade your territory for a while!  Your place of relaxation is well-earned! ;)
 Maddi sewed a skirt as a Young Women's project, under my supervision - yay!  It turned out super cute ! E-hem! Photos of said skirt would be much appreciated! ;)
 Ian and Hali in one of their more peaceful moments.  There's a slight chance Ian may be serving a time out in this picture, don't really know, but wouldn't put it past him....
 Happy Jack, pictured here on Dad's lap, grew his first two teeth while vacationing in Utah this summer!  Nothing like nursing a baby who occasionally tries out those new chompers - ow!
 Ian and Lil chillin' in their PJ's @ Nini's house.
 Jack's picture @ 7 1/2 months.

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Jana said...

Ah, Desirae, I still cant get over how stinking CUTE Jack is! He looks like a happy little chap for sure. :)

And don't feel bad about the late posts...if it weren't for David, our blog would be hopelessly behind!