Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Awesome April

Easter was great fun. We hunted for eggs and baskets and Aunt Helen and Uncle Eric's house in Del Mar.  The Bernd kids did a great job leaving the "obvious" eggs out for Brooklyn to find.  They also brought back some groovy socks for the kids from their recent skiing trip to Colorado.  The socks the got for Brookie are pink with a brown bear who is "bear hugging" the sock/foot.  Ian got some orange and brown socks with racoons on them.  They say "little rascal" on the bottom in raised print like the "tread" of the sock - as if he needs it.  Funny and cute.
Ian got his first taste of rice cereal.  It was brought to him by the Easter bunny, of course!  How do like the nose shot of the mom?  So I thought he was into it, the cereal, but Stephen wasn't convinced.  I don't know why... What does that face translate to you?  Okay, so he wasn't THAT into it the first time, but I think it's because he had eaten not too long before.  I just didn't want him to feel left out with all the snacking and treats and what-not.
Here's what a sugar crash looks like!  We have another shot like this of her, but she's lying on the livingroom floor, probably watching the He is Risen animated church video.  I didn't want to reveal my messy floor to the world though, so we'll leave that photo to the imagination.  I'm sure she was cuddled up to some dirty clothes for her pillow.  Anyway, this is the same child who would NOT, I repeat NOT fall asleep at our friend's house at 3AM when Stephen and I went to the hospital to have Ian.  While she stayed at our friend's house, she just watched movie after movie, waking up my friend when each one had finished so that she could get a new one going.     
This was yet another zoo visit.  This time we showed up at the right spot to see a camel's feeding time.  Brooklyn tried to hand-feed it, but the worker didn't want her fingers to get munched off in the meantime.  So really, we just got front row seats, and pretended that we really did some feeding.  
These are the moments that we really live for...Here is Brooklyn reading Pat the Bunny to Ian upon my request.  She has the book memorized and when she reads it, she "allows"/forces him to do each activity.  In case you haven't noticed yet, yes, she is very dedicated to her dress-ups.  This daily mourning ritual has been brought to you by the producers of our most prized hand-me-downs (older girl cousins), by old halloween costumes, and by lots of aunts and uncles who get married and have graciously included us in their extensive wedding parties. (Oh, and the beads are from last year's Mardi Gras and the "slippers," like Cinderella's, are from aunt Pip last Christmas - those chunky hearts are hanging on for dear life!) 


Pip said...

My sister Desirae would never have a dirty living room! It's just not possible. It's just not the woman she is. THere would never be dirty laundry in her living room! Quit with the lies.

Ruth said...

the slippers - she's so good at getting around in those! Very cute pictures.

C4 McKendrick said...

Such big cousins! Such beautiful brother and sister combo:)