Monday, November 3, 2008

Update Continued

A couple weekends ago we attended a How to Host a Murder party, thanks to the careful planning of our good friend Spiffany! (She's on the left in the black formal.)
The theme was an archeological dig. So, I was an archeologist, Stephen was some army guy, tiffany was the daughter of a really wealthy guy who discovered the dig, Nora and Jennette (on the other side of me) are world travelers. Adam (with the top hat) was an actor, and Mark was some cowboy type person, I think.
We visited the CalPoly Pomona Pumpkin patch with Brooklyn's cousins Caden and Caleb.

Brooklyn got a few battle wounds from an early morning wagon ride that ended with a sprint to the finish line (the grandparents house) by the three kids.

We've also visited my parents a couple of times. As you can see, Brooklyn gets no shortage of love and attention from them.

We've also made some new friends. Brooklyn says Rylie is her "best friend." The two of them have gone shopping with me and Lori a couple of times, and they always seem to find the most hideous princess-themed item that they "really want." Good thing Christmas is around the corner, my favorite comeback is, "You'll have to ask Santa for that," and then of course I hope that Brooklyn forgets about it in a couple of months, because basically Santa's already decided what he's getting for her, and it's not a light-up "We love to sparkle" hoodie!


Pip said...

My niece and nephews are SO precious! I love the pic with parents. We're so lucky that parents are still young and able to run around and play with the kids. I love it!

SNBAD said...

Yup. Pretty much. It's great that they are always so excited to spend time with the grandkids. I hope we don't wear them out too much before your little gal arrives, babe!

I See Badgers said...

that is funny.

Tiffany said...

So cute. I love Brooklyn. She is so adorable! And I cannot get enough of her curls.

Macmoma said...

to tiffany's comment - Brookie probably has enough curls to share, do you want some?
Nora's costume is the third best one there, everyone else is wearing a great costume, but she really went out on a limb! Love it!
those are three of thee cutest grandkids i seen on those pumpkins!
Caden is showing his tender heart side by taking care of his wounded cousin Brookie - so sweet and precious of the big guy.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Santa, NO light-up princess hoodies!
...WEAR US OUT?! that is unthinkable! we love those little grandkids so much - we can't seem to get enough of them (or their parents) and we are so anxious to meet the two that are going to join us SOOOOON!!!!!